Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just hope you may know

don't go away, wanna hug you my dear.
I fear to far apart from your smile...
On every foot steps, I'ld like to follow as a shadow
Just hope you may know!

As you like my dear. I am ready...
Please don't kidding me, my heart may burn.
I continue my breath because of your love.
Just hope you may know!

After I fell in love with you...
my heart beats...,
all my heart beats....,
and my happiness...,
love, hate and everythings...
you own everythings...
you can decide everythings...
my dear

Everyone think I am mad because of you.
Yes, I am mad... no reason!
who can complain?
I can loss all the life, for you
Just hope you may know!

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