Sunday, August 27, 2006

About TVU Player and TVU Networks

TVU networks is a new global live TV service that enables TV Broadcasters and private individuals to broadcast TV channels to a global audiences over the Internet. TVU uses a new application-level multicasting technology (similar to peer-to-peer file sharing) that allows broadcast costs to be exponentially lower than those of today’s streaming technology. TVU offers a consumer service which aggregates these high-quality TV channels into a format similar to a cable service for the PC. This new service will premiere later this year. Consumers will be able to watch free live channels from around the globe as well as subscribe to pay channels and pay-per-view events. TVU networks is founded and led by a team of leading industry veterans coming from backgrounds in digital TV, Internet, software and TV programming.
Latest Version: 2.2.0              Released Date:  Aug. 2006

TVU Player Channel List: ESPN, CCTV-5, Cartoon Network, ABC, HBO, CNN 1-4, Disney Channel, Hollywood Movie channel and many lesser known ones. If you are looking for a free ride tvu player is exactly what you are looking for.
System Requirements:
Windows 2000 or XP
Broadband Internet connection, such as DSL or cable modem

ေတာ္ေတာ္ေကာင္းပါတယ္။ buffering speed လည္း အျခား WebTV ေတြ ထက္ျမန္တယ္။ HBO တို႔ဘာတို႔ မွာဆို ဇာတ္လမ္းေကာင္းမ်ား အၿမဲလာေနတာ ဆိုေတာ့ အႀကိဳက္ေပါ့ဗ်ာ။

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