Friday, September 29, 2006

Sending Emails Asynchronously in C#

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So we start out with some handy properties (SmtpServer, etc.) which can be set on the class prior to calling any methods, for convenience purposes. Then we have our SendEmail method, which looks like any normal synchronous method - no difference at all.

Now comes the interesting stuff: First, we need a delegate:

public delegate string SendEmailDelegate(string name, string emailAddress);

Then finally we need the callback method:

public void GetResultsOnCallback(IAsyncResult ar)
SendEmailDelegate del = (SendEmailDelegate) ((AsyncResult)ar).AsyncDelegate;
string result;
result = del.EndInvoke(ar);

Notice the delegate must have the same signature as the method. Based on this delegate syntax, we can now call the BeginInvoke() and EndInvoke() methods:

public string SendEmailAsync(string name,string emailAddress)
SendEmailDelegate dc = new SendEmailDelegate(this.SendEmail);
AsyncCallback cb = new AsyncCallback(this.GetResultsOnCallback);
IAsyncResult ar = dc.BeginInvoke(name,emailAddress, cb, null);
return "ok";

Note that the delegate calls BeginInvoke / EndInvoke use a Framework – managed ThreadPool under the hood--
so you don’t get 4,000 runaway threads. When a thread completes, it is automatically made available to be re-used for the next BeginInvoke call in your loop. So your default ThreadPool size of 25 threads is as high as you get. You could experminent with different ThreadPool sizes, but the main thing is you want to avoid just creating thousands of threads, one for each email, and having your box crash under the load.

Sending Emails Asynchronously in C#
By Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D.
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WinWin said...

Sound good. I will try it when I got free time.
Thanks again.

Phyo Wai Kyaw said...

It may be useful in CRM applications, such as lead generations.