Friday, September 01, 2006

Very useful ASP.NET Scripts

KBMentor is a script which lets you set up a knowledgebase system on your site. Unlimited number of categories, subcategories and articles gives your site the structure you want. Furtheron, you have full control over the layout, as the system supports templates. More info

AdMentor is a banner management/rotation system. It is developed to aid people maximize their advertising income for their websites. AdMentor was first released in 1999 and implemented with ASP/VB Script but this version uses ASP.NET. Earlier versions of AdMentor has been released as freeware but this (PRO) version is a commercial script and gives you a better GUI administration interface, a much better performance and also support options... More info

PicMentor is an webbased application in which you are able to quick and easy present pictures for your website visitors. You can create directories containing pictures as well as subdirectories and your visitor can easily browse through your content and look at the pictures.
That’s pretty much it - PicMentor does not for example contain any functionality which lets your visitors rate pictures. It is simply meant to be a quick and easy image viewer ideal for presenting pictures in a structured way. For example our website uses it to show application screenshots. 

StatMentor gives you reports on
  • total no of visitors
  • pageviews, per day and per page
  • refering pages and their count
You can create reports over any time you want, such as last day, between the 1st and 8th of a certain month, for the whole year etc.

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